Vacuum Furnace water jacket plugged up? 
We can clean it up no problem! 

Leak Check Services

Mercer Technologies has several service technician's available and ready to serve you! 

Our Services

Vacuum Furnace Preventative Maintenance

Vessel Clean Out

Note: Materials included are vacuum pumps oils, belts, and pump valves, springs, gaskets, and O-rings.
Customer is to supply all other furnace components. Any items needing repairs will be performed after customer
approval and will be added to the next quarterly payment.


Hot-zones don't last forever. Call us when you need a repair, rebuild, or a brand new hot-zone to replace your worn unit.



Hot Zone Rebuild

​​Looking to relocate your vacuum furnace? Recently purchased a vacuum furnace and need to relocate it to your facility?

Mercer Technologies is pleased to provide you a quote!

Installation Relocation Services

Our program covers an initial twelve (12) month period: 

  •  Helium leak detection of your unit.
  •  General observation of furnace system.
  •  Check for external inert gas leaks.
  •  Check water hose condition and verify flow.
  •  Check door hinges on front load and lubricate.
  •  Check operation of cylinders, fill line oiler and lubricate packing with vacuum grease.
  •  Check and lubricate all external motors.
  • Replace all belts.
  •  Change mechanical pumps oil, valves, springs, o-rings, and gaskets plus check for proper operation.
  •  Check condition of Hot Zone’s insulation, heating element, assembly, insulators, hearth, and contamination level.
  •  Check power supply for proper water flow and check terminals for cleanliness.
  •  Check power cables for insulation integrity, connection tightness and water flow where appropriate.
  •  Provide written report of condition of each unit including recommendations for any additional requirements.
  •  M-Tech can supply all oils and pump parts upon request.