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Vacuum Furnace water jacket plugged up? 

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Vacuum Furnace 

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Vacuum Furnace Installation & Relocation Services 

Looking to relocate your vacuum furnace? Recently purchased a vacuum furnace and need to relocate it to your facility?

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​Hot-zones don't last forever. Call us when you need a repair, rebuild, or a brand new hot-zone to replace your worn unit.




Vacuum Furnace 

Vessel Clean Out

Vacuum Furnace 

Hot Zone Rebuild

Our program covers an initial twelve (12) month period: 

  •  Helium leak detection of your unit.
  •  General observation of furnace system.
  •  Check for external inert gas leaks.
  •  Check water hose condition and verify flow.
  •  Check door hinges on front load and lubricate.
  •  Check operation of cylinders, fill line oiler and lubricate   packing with vacuum grease.
  •  Check and lubricate all external motors.
  •  Replace all belts.
  •  Change mechanical pumps' oil, valves, springs, o-rings, and   gaskets and check for proper operation.
  •  Check condition of Hot Zone’s insulation, heating element   assembly, insulators, hearth, and contamination level.
  •  Check power supply for proper water flow and check terminals   for cleanliness.
  •  Check power cables for insulation integrity, connection   tightness and water flow where appropriate.
  •  Provide written report of condition of each unit including   recommendations for any additional requirements.
  •  M-Tech can supply all oils and pump parts upon request.