Since 1994, Mercer Technologies has been a clear leader in vacuum furnace rebuilding and service support to the thermal processing industry all across North America. Founder, owner and President, Mike T Mercer, Sr. has been in the heat treat field for over 50 years and has greatly contributed to the industry. By developing a heating element support and gas cooling nozzle system, Mike effectively enhanced many heat treating furnaces across the globe.

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Mercer Technologies founder, Mike T. Mercer Sr. started his career as a service technician for Ipsen Industries where he was promoted to West Coast Regional Manager. Mike took that experience to GM Enterprises and thrived as the Vice President of Marketing which later resulted in becoming a co-owner. He then left GM to create his vision of a one-stop shop for all heat treating service needs. In 1994, Mike opened Mercer Technologies and Midwest Vacuum Pumps in conjunction to service the thermal processing industry.



At Mercer Technologies, our sole focus is heat treating maintenance. Our team of experienced technicians are trained to rebuild, repair and install any vacuum furnace or hot zone effectively and in the shortest amount of time to get your furnace back into production. Additionally, our team of specialists will ensure your furnace will be properly decommissioned and relocated per your needs. Our service engineers are able to be dispatched within 24 hours for any maintenance emergency.
Our on-site engineering department is available to assist our staff to ensure your hot zone is precisely built and up to Mercer Technologies' standard, as well as provide you with any drawings needed for spare parts. Similarly, our engineers work closely with our on-site machine shop to produce the most precise graphite and molybdenum components to ensure your furnace will run flawlessly.



We understand the importance of excellent maintenance for the heat treat industry. Mercer Technologies and sister company, Midwest Vacuum Pumps work together to create a seamless customer experience.


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